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Post Office in Jaunpur

Indian post office service is among the oldest communication service in India. Its root is very deep since ancient time and were boosted deeper at the time of British rule in India. These post offices provide diversity of services to India along with Jaunpur city. The services operated by the post office in Jaunpur vary from transporting information written in letters to the very important and trusty money-order facility. Other facilities of these post offices in Jaunpur include sending speed posts, sending registered posts, business posts, express posts, EMS, parcel post, e post, general mails, etc. They also perform various saving schemes to the residents of Jaunpur like Recurring Deposits, Term Deposits, National Savings Certificate, Kisan Vikas Patra, Bonds, saving accounts, and much more. All these services of post office in Jaunpur have resulted in boosting the communication and transportation of important documents and information from Jaunpur to different parts of India.

Jaunpur Postal Services

Jaunpur has several branches of post offices that operate at different parts of this city. The important contact details of all the post offices in Jaunpur is available in the below provided list.

List of post major post offices in Jaunpur

Post Office
Jaunpur Ho
Jaunpur - 222001
Phone No.: 5452-242848

Post Office
Jaunpur - 222137
Phone No.: 5451-233335

Post Office
Jaunpur - 222162
Phone No.: 5451-230105

Post Office
Jaunpur - 222161
Phone No.: 5451-234322

Post Office
Mungra Badshahpur
Jaunpur - 222202
Phone No.: 5454-274530

Post Office
Jaunpur - 222203
Phone No.: 5451-236323

Post Office
Jaunpur - 222133
Phone No.: 5452-238230

Post Office
Collectrate Compound
Jaunpur Kty, Jaunpur - 222002
Phone No.: 5452-261160

Post Office
Jaunpur - 222136
Phone No.: 5450-232802

Post Office
Jaunpur - 222141
Phone No.: 5452-248431

Post Office
Jaunpur - 222142
Phone No.: 5450-242223

Post Office
Jaunpur - 223104
Phone No.: 5453-225423

Post Office
Machhali Shahar
Jaunpur - 222143
Phone No.: 5454-272303

Post Office
Jaunpur - 223103
Phone No.: 5452-283852

Post Office
College Colony, Jaunpur Kty
Jaunpur - 222002
Phone No.: 5452-261862

Post Office
Jaunpur Kty
Jaunpur - 222002
Phone No.: 5452-261080

Post Office
Jaunpur - 222138
Phone No.: 5452-255112

Post Office
Jaunpur - 222109
Phone No.: 5452-258125

Post Office
Jaunpur - 222135
Phone No.: 5452-254122

Post Office
Jaunpur - 222139
Phone No.: 5453-228223

Post Office
Jaunpur - 222148
Phone No.: 5450-246109

Post Office
Jaunpur - 223101
Phone No.: 5453-222023

Post Office
Jaunpur - 222129
Phone No.: 5450-248234

Post Office
Jaunpur - 222201
Phone No.: 5454-275230

Post Office
Jaunpur - 223105
Phone No.: 5453-236123

Post Office
Jaunpur - 222204
Phone No.: 5454-274546