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Weekend Getaways near Jaunpur

The place which will bring Indian culture close to your heart in Uttar Pradesh is Jaunpur. It is undeniably an enjoyable place and stirring as well because of tourist attractions such as historical monuments, parks and Shahi Bridge. Jaunpur connects to several major cities of Uttar Pradesh with its efficient railway transport and bus services. Being an agricultural land Jaunpur has various sightseeing destinations in and around. Hence, local and tourist can spend their weekends at the places near Jaunpur via train and road easily.

Jaunpur Weekend Getaways


Faizabad is 150km from Jaunpur so it will take almost 3 hours to reach here by your private vehicle. The old capital of Awadh, Faizabad has monuments built by the ancient Mughal Nawabs, hence it is nearby Lucknow which is the capital of Uttar Pradesh. Non AC bus and many private cabs are easily available from Jaunpur to Faizabad. You can also take train i.e. Faizabad Express from the sources destination.There are so many trains which run between these two cities.

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Gorakhpur is almost 170 km from Jaunpur, hence by any transport, it will take almost 2.5 hours to reach Gorakhpur. This place is famous as one of the religious centres of India. This city is popularly defined after the name of the medieval saint Gorakshanath. Gorakhnath Temple, many historic Buddhist sites and also the Gita Press are famous. AC, Non AC bus and many private cabs are easily available from Jaunpur to Gorakhpur. You can also take Godan Express train at 1309 hours, which runs between these two cities.

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The city of Allahabad is 102km from Jaunpur, so you will reach here in almost 2 hours. It is among the largest cities of Uttar Pradesh and situated at the confluence of the rivers Ganga, Yamuna and the invisible Saraswati. The meeting point of all these rivers is well known to be Triveni and so it is especially a sacred place for Hindus. This city is also very popularly known as Prayag. AC, Non AC bus and many private cabs are easily available from Jaunpur to Allahabad. You can also take Chhapra Lokmanyatilak Express train at 1242 hours from Jaunpur to Allahabad.

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Lucknow is 250km from Jaunpur, so almost it will take 4hours to reach here by any vehicle. Lucknow, the city of Nawabs, being the capital city of Uttar Pradesh is mostly famous as a center for the Urdu poetry and kebabs. AC, Non AC bus and many private cabs are easily available from Jaunpur to Lucknow. You can also take trains i.e. intercity passenger and Gorakhpur express which connects major cities as well.

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This city is 300km from Jaunpur, so on an average you will reach here in 5 hours by your own vehicle. It is the second most populous city and also one of the largest urban agglomeration in the whole Indian states of UP. This city is considered to be one of the largest industrial cities in India. You can also take Farakka Express train at 1243 hours to reach Kanpur.

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