Jaunpur in One Day

Being very close to Varanasi, it has lots of places to visit and make a good one day trip for you. Considering any point on the track of travelling such as adventure, heritage as well as spiritual, all the places can be very precisely covered in less than one day trip to Jaunpur. During your visit, you will get a chance to explore through the history of Jaunpur.

Shahi Bridge Jaunpur

Being the landmarks of various monuments and holy places, Jaunpur covers wide range of locations for your visit, and the best part is you can explore these places within one day. Jaunpur is also a good option for spiritual lovers. If you love to visit monuments then you should really see Shahi Qila, Atala Mosque, Jhanjhari mosque, Lal Darwaza mosque, Shahi Pul, Jama Masjid, Ma Sheetla Chaukiya Devi temple, etc.

Suggested Itinerary for Jaunpur

- If you are planning a trip from New Delhi to Jaunpur you can take a bus either a non AC bus or AC bus. The time taken to reach Jaunpur from New Delhi is around 10 hours. You can also take Sadbhavna Exp at 1620 hours on Wednesday from Delhi to reach Jaunpur.

- At Jaunpur bus or railway station, transportation will leave all passengers from where, the tour guide will take you to the nearest restroom or you may opt for a hotel.

- At 10am breakfast is served to the tourists as per the package or you may personally have a good breakfast. After that you will proceed towards sightseeing.

Shahi Qila Jaunpur: - Take an auto-rickshaw and book it for Shahi Qila. Also known as Karar Fort, it is a 14th-century fort. Close to this bridge there is a bank of River Gomti. The whole visit will almost take your half an hour.

Kallu ka Imambada
:- Jaunpur is famous for its various Imam-badas and it is one of the most famous Imam-bada. Get an auto-rickshaw for Kallu ka Imambada. The whole visit will take your 20 min.

- At Kallu ka Imambada look for some good restaurants and take your lunch.

Ma Sheetla Chaukiya Devi
: Around 2 o’clock Book an auto-rickshaw from Kallu ka Imambada and ask him to drop you at the temple of Ma Sheetla Chaukiya Devi. It is a must-visit place for spiritual lovers. The worshiping of Shiv and Shakti is being going on since the very past. The whole visit will almost take your half an hour.

Jaunpur Atala Masjid:- From Ma Sheetla Chaukiya Devi temple head towards Atala Masjid. The measured total perimeter of this mosque is noted to be 248 ft and this take almost 20 min of yours.

Supper- You can take a lighter evening meal at Atala Masjid. Tikki-Chaat is the best taste found in this city.

- After supper, book an auto-rickshaw and ask him to leave you at your hotel. At night get ready for departure from Jaunpur to leave for New Delhi non AC bus or AC bus. You can also take farakka express at 21500 hours on Thursday from Jaunpur to reach Delhi.
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