Shopping in Jaunpur

Jaunpur, known to be the doorway to Purvanchal, is an ancient city in the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh, has made tremendous progress in the last few years as a tourist spot. Famous for its historical monuments and holy places, the influence also reflects in the markets and other shopping areas of the city.

Shopping in Jaunpur

Things to Buy in Jaunpur

The city has developed itself to provide local and export products as well. Whatever be the type of product, the markets and products available, has a strong influence of the history of Jaunpur.

Local Products

  1. Perfumes and Jasmine oil - The city of Jaunpur is best known for its Jasmine oil and perfumes (also known as Itra in Urdu). This product comes as a gift from the rich Mughal culture which still prevails over the lives of the people.
  2. Tobacco leaves – Once an important Muslim centre, the tobacco leaves has become as indispensible part of everyone’s life.
  3. Daikon – The radish, popularly known as Jaunpuri Mooli, which has gigantic size and can grow up to four feet long.
  4. Imarti – A sweet which is like jalebi, and made from urad.

Export Products

  1. Handloom Carpets - Owing to its rich cultural heritage from the Mughal empire, the city has developed its export in the form of carpets including Indian hand-knotted Persian carpets, handlooms, loom carpets.
  2. Textiles – The city also offers high-quality textiles to its visitors who can mould the cloth according to their requirements.

Where to Shop in Jaunpur

The most important shopping area in the Jaunpur is the Line Bazar in Olandganj, which provides an important market for oils and perfumes. Line Bazar located in Olandganj is one of the most attractive areas for shopping that draws tourists from all over the world. The little lanes and bylanes of the bazaar are famous for the large variety of aromatic oils and perfumes. The Olandganj bazaar is a unique experience of fragrances, and aromas in a combination of the traditional and the modern fragrances. The age old famous perfumes or ‘iter’ of rose, khus, sandal and jasmine intermingle with modern mixtures of lavender, intimate, etc.

The cloth and textile are best bought from areas such as Jaycees Chauraha, Indira Market, Ruhatta, and Haribandhanpur.

Shops to Look Out For in Jaunpur

Moonis Exports
The company serves both international and local markets with varied carpets having indian hand knotted persian carpets, hand tufted, handloom, loom carpets, and the like in its menu.

Moh. Bhundariya Tola
Machhli Shahar Road
Mariahu, Jaunpur
Uttar Pradesh - 222161

Chaurasia Handloom Centre
Sahpur, Jaunpur

Kitab Ghar

A famous book shop which provides a treat for all the book worms. For those who love travelling down the roads less travelled and most explored there is the exquisite pleasure of a bookstore called ‘Kitab Ghar’.

The staff at the book store is genial and very helpful. Besides the large range of magazines, novels and books on a variety of subjects the management promises to arrange for any of the titles one may want in a matter of hours or at the most within a day.

Address: SH 5, Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh

Other shops in the city include book shops, general stores, and optical stores, which caters to all the basic needs of the people, both locals and the foreigners.

Khazi Modh

This is another location that provides a vast range of handcrafted items ranging from leather bags, briefcases, pouches, and wallets, to pottery materials like vases and ceramic kitchen were as well as display-ware like statues in clay. There is also a large variety of soaps made from natural materials. A huge platform for hours of exotic shopping fun is provided by the huge Khadi Bhawan which has a huge variety of products to explore and buy.

Mayapuri Shopping Mall in Jaunpur

Jaunpur has its first mall in the Mayapuri Mall that is located on the Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Road. This Jaunpur mall offers hours of air-conditioned shopping pleasure. There are a wide range of products on offer. There are toys for infants and a variety of make-up items for ladies young and old along with a plethora of gadgetry from telephones to wall sized television sets. There is some thing to please everyone who enters the mall. Another attractive aspect of the Mayapuri Mall is its food court that offers a great variety of edibles.
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